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2015-09-26 : SketchUp is sponsoring and exhibiting at the World Maker Faire in New York. C'mon by and say Hi!

2012-05-04 : Sphero Hack Tour 2012 : Boulder. See if the Tour is coming near you.

2011-11-28 : TIME Magazine recognizes our dynamic holographic display as one of the Best Inventions of 2011.

2011-03-05 : Frozen Dead Guy Days parade in Nederland Colorado.

2009-01-20 : New toy: Can-Am Spyder...

Projects and Downloads

OpenGL® Shading Language Quick Reference Guide (PDF, 70KB, revised 2005-11-26)
Info from the GLSL v1.10 specification distilled into one convenient double-sided page.

Other OpenGL info

OSG projects...
Databases, code, etc. for the Open Scene Graph

VTP projects...
Databases, code, etc. for the Virtual Terrain Project

Our projects at Maker Faire Austin 2007...

Paraglider crash 2002...
What I did on my summer vacation

Tcl/Tk bindings for Vega, AudioWorks, and IRIS Performer

A device to view 3D images from videotape using LCD-shutter goggles

eltoritovm_2002-11-09d.tar.gz (5.3KB)
A VMware virtual machine for testing El Torito bootable CDROMs.

Old OSS...
Open Source Software I wrote long ago

Links to external tools...

Where on earth is the .cx top-level domain??
Christmas Island (10°30'S 105°40'E), a territory of Australia in the Indian Ocean (google map)

Universal Serial Bus projects


Obsolete stuff...
...gets moved to the attic

Pubs, Pats, 'n' Presentations


Weather Underground PWS KCOBLACK5

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Zebra Imaging Custom Holograms

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